Senior Design

Sponsored by Rockwell Collins
The goal of this project is to design and prototype a card or system of cards that is small and light-weight enough to be mounted on a UAV, and is capable of generating and transmitting ADS-B data compliant with RTCA D0-260B.
Valved Systems sponsored by Tripaga
Water Automation and Electronically Valved Systems (WAEVS) is a Letourneau University senior design team that is partnering with the local company, Tripaga. The purpose of WAEVS project is to build a controller for water systems that is smaller, more configurable, and more cost effective than the currently used controller built by Turner Control Systems.
Competition sponsored by IEEE
The goal of the LeTourneau Autonomous Robotic Competition (LARC) senior design team is to design and build an autonomous robot to enter into the 2017 IEEE Region 5 Robotics Competition.