About Dr. Joon Wan Kim

Dr. Kim came to America in 1994 from Changwon, South Korea. He lived in Huntsville, Alabama for a couple of months before returning to Korea to marry Sophia. They settled back in Huntsville, AL and started to raise a family. Robin was born in 1996 and Jenny was born soon after in 1999. Dr. Kim graduated with a doctorate in Electrical Engineering in 2003 and moved to Longview, Texas to begin working at LeTourneau University. In his spare time, he likes to play golf, watch movies, and fix up the car or the house.

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Graduate Research

Researching FPGA implementations of Blind Source Separation and Independent Component Analysis algorithms.
Researching Dedicated Short-Range Communication location verification methods for use in autonomous vehicles.
Researching FPGA Implementation of Adaptive Noise Cancellation algorithms and their performance in different applications.

Senior Design

Sponsored by Rockwell Collins
The goal of this project is to design and prototype a card or system of cards that is small and light-weight enough to be mounted on a UAV, and is capable of generating and transmitting ADS-B data compliant with RTCA D0-260B.
Valved Systems sponsored by Tripaga
Water Automation and Electronically Valved Systems (WAEVS) is a Letourneau University senior design team that is partnering with the local company, Tripaga. The purpose of WAEVS project is to build a controller for water systems that is smaller, more configurable, and more cost effective than the currently used controller built by Turner Control Systems.


Instrumentation And Measurements Lab (ENGR 2122):
Introduction to principles of metrology, instrumentation, collection, and analysis of experimental data, including data presentation and report writing. Includes the use of test equipment for electrical, materials, and mechanical measurements including the use of basic measuring, sensing, and output devices.

Digital Electronics(EEGR 3213):
Digital Electronics Application of Boolean algebra to the design of logic circuits; Karnaugh maps; registers, counters, and data conversion; microlabs for combinational and sequential logic circuits are included.

Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcomputers(CEGR/EEGR 4233):
Application of digital and logic concepts to the study of 8- and 16-bit microcontroller and microprocessor function and use; assembly language programming and software design for typical applications.

Microcomputer Design (CEGR/EEGR 4253):
Microcomputer Design Students will be required to design, build, demonstrate, and report on a single-board computer system.

Digital Signal Processing(EEGR 4283):
Principles of signal processing using sample data including z-transforms, FIR filters, IIR filters, FFT, and implementations. Design applications include processing of digital and analog signals and evoked potentials

Instrumentation And Controls (EETC 4233):
A study of instrumentation and control systems including analog, digital, and programmable controllers used in both open- and closed-loop control systems. Applications of the different types of control systems along with sensors, transducers, and final correcting devices are studied.