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About Embedded Systems

What exactly are an embedded systems and how are they used today? Continue reading to learn more.

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Personal Devices

Almost all major modern personal devices use embedded systems to deliver to us convenience, entertainment, and computing power. This includes personal computers and smartphones. Any moderately complex device will have dozens of embedded systems on it. The CPU itself is a prime example of an embedded system; its purpose is to receive commands from a memory bank and carry out pre-designed steps indicated by the received command.

High Speed DSP

Embedded systems are used very heavily in high speed Digital Signal Processing applications. One very famous example might be the processing boards for mining bitcoins. Different types of embedded systems were used to try continuously try to speed up the calculation process. In the end, the fastest they could do was through an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) board. The ASIC is the ultimate goal of any embedded system development that aims for optimal processing speed.


As common, everyday vehicles become more advanced they continue to become computerized. Most, if not all, major vehicles now days will have a central computing system which helps to control vehicle operation. The center of these computing systems is embedded systems. Large companies such as Texas Instruments create ASICs designed to carry out the specific processing requirements for a vehicle.


FPGA: Field Programmable Gate Array
ASIC: Application Specific Integrated Circuit
In general, any digital development application will use FPGAs and ASICs to attain their goals. FPGAs are special integrated circuits that can be reprogrammed numerous times. Likely the most common use for these chips is in prototyping entire systems of circuits before sending off designs to have an ASIC created. FPGAs and ASICs are truly the best and most accurate example of embedded systems.